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A Smok'n Billy's

This is my current full-time vehicle. It is a 1958 F100 and had a Power Train transplant before I bought it in 2017. This is my daily driver and has been since April 2017, and drove it from the Phoenix, AZ area (my home back then) to Austin, TX (my parents' home) on three occasions (it is 1013 miles one-way). It is a runn'n old truck and I really enjoy all the "who needs creature-comfort things (you even have to cancel the turn signals yourself). All in, and to-date, I have driven this truck some 18,000+ miles and intend to use it until they ban gasoline! ;-)

The photos are of two groupings, the ones 'with' the USA Flag (there on the truck bed behind the drivers-side of the cab) are my photos, and all the others (without the flag) are from the Craigs-List Ad where I found and bought it

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