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by G.W. Bill Elliott, Jr

Quotable Items

Is it me, or do you also find it utterly intriguing how Jesus can hear us through all the noise, but we cannot hear Him? Be still and know that He is God!

Out of the abundance of the Internet, the ChatGPT speaks. This is the simple rule of 'Garbage in, Garbage out'!

If you need it explained to you, you won't understand.
If you cannot explain it to someone else, you don't understand.
Faith in Jesus is quirky that way.

Today is the tomorrows you are hoping for, which makes yesterday your motivation to grasp the significance of today so that tomorrow you don't regret your yesterday.

The absolute of uncertainty keeps uncertainty from being an absolute, which certainly is absoluting.

Perception of Truth: "That is a HUGE bump in the road", may mean something to an Ant, but a typical human would not have the same perspective.

Your opinion is a figment of your imagination's perspective of your perceptions of life, which are tainted and biased by experiences, observations and conclusions drawn in an effort to grasp the reality facing you.

Knowing no is better than no knowing.

Sticks and stones may break my bones... So STOP it!

The cyclical looping of the repetitive redundancy has me iterating the need to repeat myself like dejavu all over again.

Sure we call it The Pursuit of Happiness, but without the love and touch of Jesus in your life it is really just Sadlessness being obtained.

Asking me if you can "ask a question?" IS a question of itself; so save us both the time (angst) and get to the question in question!

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